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What we do at Lost Paws

Registering  pets could not be easier and with a simple process to allow you to transfer the pup or kitten to a new owner you can then be sure that all the information on them is passed on correctly. Please click the link below and  apply for an account and we will be in contact with you to give you more information about our tags.


Connect with our Lost Paws Tag

Lost Paws tags gives your clients more control over their pet’s identity. They can load their pet’s dashboard with information to aid in their search if lost, as well as all the important data such a vaccination date reminders, so keeping a record of  their health.​ All helping keep our pet’s safe​.

Lost Paws Microchips

Microchips can only be bought by those breeders that have undergone training and certification to allow them to become registered implanters. Two Microchip sizes are available, 1.4mm and 1.8mm. Manufactured to ISO 1174.75m standard​. Sterilised in the UK to ISO 13485 standard​. Long shelf life​. Fully traceable from source to implanting.

Account information

If you are a certified microchip implanter as well as breeder then please let us know when you apply for an account . You will only be able to order our Lost Paws tags once your account has been verified

Lost Paws Tags For Breeders

DEFRA compliant database company

Supplying fully approved products

Create a dashboard for each puppy or kitten

Transfer to new owner with a click of a button

Three sizes of QR coded tags for puppies

Unique cat QR coded cat collar tag

Account application