Protect your pet with our unique QR coded pet identity tag, starting from £9.95

Store all your pet’s information in your pet’s dashboard

Lost Paws Pet Identity Tags

Lost Paws Pet Identity Tags

 Lost Paws QR coded pet identity tags display a unique QR code on each tag that is the key to your pet’s own personal and medical record. Once you purchase a tag you will be able to access your pet’s dashboard, via your account and securely add all their details.

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How does a Lost Paws tag work?

Your QR coded pet identity tag does not show any information to the public on a day to day basis other than those required by law, but should your pet goes missing, and is found, you will get a notification by SMS to say that the tag has been scanned and they have been found. The finder will then be able to call you to reunite you with your pet

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To register your pet, create an account by purchasing one of our unique QR coded pet identity tags

Bone tag

When your pet’s tag arrives, scan the QR code on the tag and then log into your account.


Finally, finish the process by filling your pet’s dashboard with the requested information.

What can I add to my pet's dashboard.

Your Pets Microchip Number

Your pets details

Ownership details

Emergency contacts

Images of your pet

Vaccination reminder dates

Worming and flea reminder dates

Annual check up reminder date

Insurance renewal reminder

Insurance  company details

Birthday reminder

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