How does your Lost Paws tag work?

Lost pet

Your pet has gone missing. Log into your dashboard ​and click the button ‘Lost Pet’​

Lost Paws Notification Service

Immediately, we send all the contacts that you have entered in your dashboard a notification that your pet has gone missing and automatically post on the Lost Paws Instagram account.


Your veterinary surgeon

Local dog warden

Your dog walker

Your kennel or cattery

Your pet insurance company

Your dog or cat breeder


Your pet is found and the tag is scanned. Immediately the finder sees your contact details and you get an SMS message notifying you that they have been located.

How Your QR Coded Pet Tag Works

Microchip Scanning

How we help reunite you with your missing pet when your pets microchip is scanned.​

Vet microchip scan
Microchip scan

Chips can only be scanned by people in authority, such as vets, dog wardens and the police​

Look Up A Microchip

If your pet is found and the chip is scanned they will search our database to locate the keeper of the pet and then contact them​


Lost Pet Facts

40% of all dog owners have reported their dog missing in its lifetime.
60% to 80% are reunited with their owners.
An estimated 2.7 million animals enter shelters every year.
664,000 are dogs.
1.2 million are other animals, including cats.
Over 100,000 are in animal shelters at any one time.
Only 11% are reunited with their owners.