Simple steps to keep your pet safe

Pet Identification

The number one safety measure

Keep your pet’s microchip identification information and other data up to date, and renew your pets’ images as they age. Pets grow older very quickly so much so that an image is out of date very quickly.

Suspicious Behaviour

Strangers asking a lot of questions about your pet are not always pet lovers.

Never give away information to someone you have just met and don’t let them read your pet’s tag, if it is not QR coded.

Unattended Dogs

A prime target for thieves, so never leave your dog tied up outside a shop, even for a minute, that’s all the time it takes to steal your pet.

Your Transport

Never leave your pet alone in a car or van unless you can keep them in sight. If possible leave one of the windows slightly open so that  air can circulate in the car if stationary. In the summer heat stroke can kill your pet very quickly if the vehicle is left unattended and the windows are closed.

Your Home

Keep external doors closed and where possible make sure the perimeter of your property is secure. Any escape route is an easy way out for an inquisitive pet. Escaping from a property is the highest cause of loss of a pet.


It is easier said than done, but a well trained dog is less likely to go to strangers. The return and heel command is the holy grail of training, but if that is not possible do keep them on a lead when in a busy public place.